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Welcome to "The Commander Kitty 'Where the sun don't shine' Fact Omnibus" (TCKWTSDSFO for short) home page. Currently undergoing extensive construction, this page will (hopefully) eventually become the nexus for all the technical info available from the universe containing our beloved hero, Commander Kitty.

How do I get this information? Using the information provided to me through both careful observation, and the gathering of information from 'Where the sun don't shine', I endeavor to provide you with the most accurate* Commander Kitty technical data I can muster.
*See Glossary for accuracy information

Eventually, I hope to provide you with detailed information about all the items and people in the Kitty universe, although that may take some time, as my contact to the Kitty universe doesn't like springing for the inter-dimensional phone calls, so we have to resort to telepathy, which I find slow and unreliable.

Current Sections:
Ship Technologies
Pangolin Police Reports
MOUSE History - I've been slack, but now I got Version 5 up - NEW!


- MOUSE Version 5 is finally up, I'll try and get some pics done soon..... promise?

- MOUSE Version 4 is up, and Version 3 has had the Specifications added.

- Sorry about the lack of updates, and the lack of pictures, and the lack of professional-looking page, but bear with me, ok?
I need a scanner badly. I managed to get through the first 2 versions of MOUSE with images from the 'net, but when i went to do Ver 3, which of a completely different design, I mocked up a picture on paper in about 3 minutes that looks great. I just know that trying to recreate that on the computer will take hours and hours and still wont look right. Anyway, if you check the CK forums, you'll see that I've almost come to a decision about scanners, and I guess I'm getting one soon.

- As for the lack of updates, creating a fictional history for a fake universe is a pretty hard job (although i do admit that not having to worry about the real world interfering helps a bit). And anyway, I just don't feel right about whacking huge globs of text up without the relevant pictures (see previous point)

- Finally, the professional site is the next thing I'm working on, as soon as I finish the MOUSE history (see previous 2 points)

- P.S. Thanks to everyone on the forums who've helped spur me along with MOUSE discussions all over the place. Off the top of my head I got GlowStick (you and your damn Microwave conspiracy theories), Sporkandrew (for nudging me ever so slightly), Tek Roo (Go active phased arrays!), Sinsi (for pointing out that HUSHU has no tail), and of course Scotty, without whom I couldn't do this stuff. Now all I got to do is find out where to stick all this information!

All this stuff couldn't exist if not for the cool comic, Commander Kitty!

Commander Kitty and related characters and images found on this site are copyrighted by Scotty Arsenault, who is being a nice guy and letting me borrow them for a wild ride. Don't worry Scotty, I'll bring them back in at least one piece :o)
All the actual content (specs, histories and stuff) that I made up is all mine, mine I tells ya! But they're derived from the Kitty universe, so Scotty probably deserves some credit for that too