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Welcome to the glossary of the Commander Kitty Fact Omnibus.
Here you will find explanations of some of the less obvious terms referenced in the Omnibus. It's quite a useful page, actually.

"Where the Sun don't shine"
'Where the Sun don't shine' is the nickname given to the world officially designated '3HOLE-E-L-453', a planetoid which is situated between no less than 3 Black holes (we say 'no less than' because it's hard to see anything out there, quite dark and all, so who knows how many are out there).
Gravitic fluctuations provided by the black holes provide rotation, and consequently provide an atmosphere to the planetoid. The native life forms are able to create a barely breathable environment, so it is technically possible to visit the planet.
Of course such excursions are warned that, due to the unstable nature of the planet (what, existing in a void between multiple black holes), they should remain within at least 3 units of a faster-than-dark vessel at all times.
Some people consider 3HOLE-3-L-453 to be a perfect position to place a penal colony, as life there is hard, and escape is dangerous. Unfortunately, no contractor has been game enough to stay on the planet long enough to survey the site.

A 'unit' is a standard measure in the Kitty universe, although, due to the unfortunate destruction of the galactic standards council over 400 years ago, the exact origin and standardised length of '1 unit' has been forgotten. Current measuring devices are constructed by copying the measurements off old ones.
In relation to Earth units, 1 'unit' is approximately 1 foot.

"Dark Speed"
It is easily proven that dark is at least a fast as light, as seen by the fact that it retreats at the same speed light advances, and vice-versa. Also, it is easy to see that dark is more powerful, easier to control, and more abundant than light. This is evidenced by the fact that dark invades every crevice easily, light requires both time and energy to maintain, and the fact that the absence of this weak, high-maintenance light is darkness incarnate. As such, it is easy to see that dark is the superior method of transportation, compared to finicky light.

"Native inhabitants of "Where the Sun don't shine""
Floogers, the native inhabitants of the planet nick-named "Where the Sun don't shine" are blessed (or cursed if you look at it from a different angle) with telepathy. They are also in a prime position to contact other dimensions, the multiple black holes stretching the fabric of reality so thin they can essentially look through it to the other side. Unfortunately, considering their advantageous position in the cosmos, they are considered quite unreliable in their communications. That's not to say their inherently wrong all the time, it just seems as if they might be making this stuff up half the time. Experts are conflicted as to whether the Floogers are overwhelmed by the multiverse of information ramming itself into their head telepathically, or if they are actually just making it up as they going along.

"Clarkson Mk 2 Warp Drives"
There is nothing particularly special about the Clarkson Mk 2 warp drive, except for the fact that it was the first of the 'modern' warp drives. The only previous production model, the Clarkson Mk 1, was a complete failure, due to it's incomplete, unstable, and sometimes non-existent warp field. It attempted to project the field out the sides of the ship, and then turn it toward the front of the vessel, thus creating a pocket in which it was hoped the ship could travel safely. In practice, the field often projected out the sides, and continued onwards, creating hazards for nearby objects, as well as causing stability problems. Occasionally, the field would swoop backwards, providing no protection at all for the ship, leaving many vessels terribly blood-smeared by the previous crew members.
Thankfully, the Mk 2 envelopes the ship in a completely sealed warp field, and does not allow acceleration until the integrity of the field is verified.