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Welcome to the centralised hub for all your MOUSE history-researching needs!

Let's keep this simple huh? Below you will find links to the various MOUSE versions (More to come soon, promise!). Each link leads to a page which details that versions impact on the history of the galaxy. Click a link, read up on what made that particular version so special, look at the purty pictures, and then come back here to see the next one (or maybe there'll be links to the next one at the bottom of the page... sounds like something I'd do).
Simple enough? Good, let the insanity begin!

MOUSE Version 1 - The design brief - The early years - The first unit - The ensuing chaos. Also, the MOUSE acronym!
MOUSE Version 2 - The revival - The second generation - The improvements - More chaos.
MOUSE Version 3 - The lawsuits - The leap forward - The end of an era - Oh, some lesser chaos too.
MOUSE Version 4 - The 'Useful MOUSE Association' - The overhaul - The sanity - No chaos!
MOUSE Version 5 - The fight - The war - The MOUSE - Chaos on a planetary scale.